10th July, 2012

“I worry that the publishing industry is protesting too much. All the resistance to any kind of copyright reform, and insistence on DRM, makes publishers appear like whining children. The world does not owe the publishing industry a living and we need to prove that we add value. But the world does need to support creation, and that means somebody has to fund it. The only sensible way to do this is for those who consume creations to value them and pay for them. The Osprey Group approach is to ensure that readers do just that, because what we do matters to them. I refer you again to the Letter to Emily White post (it really is good), where another comment states: “I remember the first time I walked into a record store and bought a CD without my parents paying for it … I played the shit out of that CD. There was something magical about music ownership …” I want the magic back. We, as publishers, have an opportunity, even a duty, to bring back the magic.”

ORG Zine | Bring Back the Magic / Smart stuff from the CEO of Osprey Group (parent company of Angry Robot/Strange Chemistry/etc.).


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